N Queens on Leetcode


I spend so much time on solving this problem. My challenge is not just solving this problem, but how to enhance the efficiency of my solution. The only one solution I come up with is DFS + check each of previous rows; however, this solution is too slow. Therefore, in following of my youtube video, I will explain four to five solutions, from idea building, coding by hands, and even debugging. Welcome to leave any comments on my video!


The programming language in video is C++

For the source code in video: Github


  • Solution 1. Enumerate each columns and check whether conflict with all previous queens, so slow 🤣
  • Solution 2. Use pie, na, col arrays to record queens’ position, enumerate each columns to check conflict with three arrays
  • Solution 3. Convert arrays above to integer type 😕 compared to solution2, this would be faster because our computer doesn’t need to take time to convert between binary and decimal
  • Solution 4. Don’t need to enumerate each columns anymore, use bitwise trick to enumerate the only available seats 😋

To solve this challenge, you need to get the basic knowledge of:

  • Depth First Search: define each of the levels
  • Bitwise trick: more efficient to get the answer you want