Tell me how to learn


how to learn algorithm?
Before I start, I would like to tell you that this article is not specific for learning algorithm. This article is more like a reminder for myself: about learning something in the right way.

Don’t be perfect?

I like learning knowledge of computer security so much, but I usually give up just because I don’t have the basic concept. Of course, basic concept is very important, but sometimes don’t overemphasize my study plan! My study plan is always like basic first. If I don’t learn basic in the perfect way, I would give up on learning more. In fact, don’t be so perfect, and I can learn more than just giving up!

Don’t depend on learning path so much?

I always depend on the learning path of the person who is very good at the knowledge. This section is similiar to the last one. In fact, programming language is not the most important thing you need in learning algorithm. How to learn algorithm? Figuring out the main idea of algorithm, and apply it to the program with the language you familiar with!

Don’t always use the highly praised book?

I always use the good books recommened by forum so much for learning. This is right because some books are really just a shxt. However, when I find I cannot understand the book just like the people in the forum said, I should try other book instead of stuck in it. In fact, everyone has their own books that are useful for them. For example, «Introduction to Algorithms» isn’t a great start point for learning algorithm. But it would be useful for some genius though.

Coding and coding

Please don’t forget to create a program to test it everytime I learn a new knowledge, new idea.

Figuring the idea out with more problems

I always try to learn an idea with a single problem but stuck in it at the end. However, I should try more problems. Just don’t be lazy, then I could learn the idea with finding out the regularity.

At the end

At the end, I think you can understand why I choose “Tell me how to learn” as my topic. In fact, I would like to use this topic to remind myself, don’t always ask others to tell me how to learn. The original article I attached on the top side is in chinese version. Hope this can help you, too.