Hello Github Page!

It really costs me a lot of time to set up this environ….

Play with Jekyll

I will tell you the hard work I have spend on setting up the blog…

I am really tired of the advertisement on the wordpress; therefore; I decide to use such the open source program. I would post my article from here and use bootstrap with the jekyll theme. However, it’s so embarrassing that I spend whole night setting up the blog, then I think I should record my own solutions for trouble shooting and also can help everyone who see my blogs and wants to use jekyll, too.

Challenges with ruby version

If you use gem install jekyll, you will get the error message of ruby version should > 2.1. However, when you upgrade the ruby version and install completed, the ruby -v will still show the older version. In this time, you may need to find out the conflict version of ruby plugin and delete it, or you should install with specific version, such as sudo apt-get install ruby(version you want)-dev.

Challenge with Failed to build gem native extension

I spend a lot of time on solving this problem. In the end, I follow someone on the github issue and use sudo apt-get install make to solve the problem. :smile:

If you think what I talk about isn’t detail enough, I will leave my reference link in following…


Some using problem about jekyll

I use the theme of next and will record some solution of the using problem.

  1. avatar update in the sidebar
    I cannot change the avatar picture in the sidebar.
    Solution: I change the picture name in assets/images/myfile to overwrite the file of avatar.gif. :smile:
  2. show images in the post
    I cannot show images in my post
    Solution: I put my picture in the subfolder uploads in assets, then I use (/assets/folder/.jpg) and I can show pictures sucessfully.

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